Coronavirus (COVID-19) Catch-Up Premium

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Catch-Up Premium

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Catch-Up Premium

During the 2020 2021 school year, West Park School received Catch Up funding from the UK Government.  Every school received £80 per child.  In total, West Park School received £23,360.

This grant will be spent:

  • To employ one additional class teacher for two terms, from January 2021 to August 2021 to support the Y5/6 bubble.
  • To increase the hours of three existing support staff to provide Catch Up support within Lower Key Stage 2 and Key Stage One.
  • To employ one teaching assistant for four mornings in Key Stage One
  • To redirect staff to provide Catch Up support in Early Years.

Gaps in learning have been identified across all Key Stages and pupils have been identified for intervention and additional support:

  • Tier One Intervention: High quality first teaching
  • Tier Two Intervention: Structured, targeted academic intervention
  • Tier Three Intervention: Wider strategies to support intervention such as work with outside agencies (e.g. Speech and Language / Occupation Therapy)

Catch Up funding will support Tier One and Two intervention in particular.

West Park School will conduct regular Pupil Progress meetings to further assess the progress of individuals and update interventions.