Admission Arrangements

Admission Arrangements

Admission Arrangements

All applications for a place in school for children from Reception to Year 6 need to be made through the Hartlepool Borough Council Admissions Team.

To apply online, please go to:, and follow their simple step by step instructions.


If you would prefer to submit your application on a paper application form, this can be downloaded from the site, or you can call the School Admissions Team on 01429 523765.


West Park Primary School Admission Policies:



Further details can be obtained by visiting Hartlepool Borough Council’s School Admissions pages below.


Normal Admissions Round

For more information on the normal admissions round, please visit Hartlepool Borough Council’s website page at the link below:


In-Year Applications

For more information on in-year applications, please visit Hartlepool Borough Council’s website page at the link below:



For more information on appeals and a timetable for organising and hearing admission appeals, please visit Hartlepool Borough Council’s website page at the link below:


Starting West Park Nursery

Admission to West Park Nursery does not guarantee a place for your child in the reception class at this school.

You need to apply directly to the school for a place in Nursery. Once your child reaches their second birthday an application form can be collected from the main school office. Our admission policy is in accordance with the Local Authority’s criteria:

  1. A child with a statement of special educational needs
  2. Children who are looked after.
  3. Sibling links within the school
  4. Children currently living within the schools admission zone
  5. Children who live closest to the school determined by the shortest suitable walking route.

The Nursery class has places for 78 children, 39 in the morning and 39 in the afternoon. Some of these places are taken up by children who stay full time (30 hours) some choose to attend for 2 ½ full days at the beginning of the week or at the end of the week.

Alongside this we also offer a lunch club for those children who stay full time or 2 ½ days. At the moment the cost of this is £1.50 per day.

Children can be admitted to the Nursery class at any time after their third birthday. Contact Mrs Pearce, our Early Years Lead, if you have any questions.